News: Portfolio 2007

Circadiant Releases Low Cost 802.3aq LRM Compliance System for Manufacturing Testing

March 27, 2007: - Allentown, PA - Circadiant Systems, Inc.,the real-world signal testing company, today announced the release of its low cost LRM manufacturing test system ? the industry's first LRM compliance test system built specifically for use in volume manufacturing.


802.3aq, (LRM) optical transceiver modules use electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) devices to enable 10 gigabits per second (10GbE) transmission over 220m of existing multimode fiber. This capability enables users to upgrade their current GbE networks to 10GbE without the need to install new fiber. A critical test to ensure compliance to the IEEE 802.3aq standard is a stressed receiver sensitivity measurement using 802.3aq compliant signals that represent a real world channel. The Circadiant Hydra?LRM-M system enables manufacturers to easily perform this stressed receiver test.