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PA Early Stage Infuses Gazelle Systems with Additional Investment

Gazelle lands third funding round; investors cite company's proven ability to meet significant milestones

NEWTOWN UPPER FALLS, MA. (November 1, 2001) - Gazelle Systems, Inc. today announced a $3.25 million infusion of equity capital from Zero Stage Capital and PA Early Stage. Sodexho - a wholly owned North American subsidiary of Sodexho Alliance, the leading provider of food and facilities management in the U.S. and Canada - has also participated in this round of funding.


"In these challenging economic times, we see selective investing in proven enterprises as a good opportunity," says Michael Bolton, PA Early Stage chief executive and managing director. "Gazelle Systems more than fits that commitment. They are a company that has already demonstrated that a market exists for its products and services and that it can deliver on its business plan."