About Novitas: History

Novitas Capital Means a Strong Legacy

Founded in 1997 as PA Early Stage, Novitas Capital grew into an active and experienced venture capital fund that sought portfolio companies located in the corridor from New York to Washington, D.C. The firm has been a benchmark of seed, start-up and early stage success that includes the likes of Orasure Technologies, developers of the world's first oral-based rapid HIV test; Traffic.com, a pioneer and leader in delivering personal, real-time traffic information and BPL Global, a pioneer and leader in broadband delivery over power lines. Comprised of three funds that total $237 million, PA Early Stage changed its name to Novitas Capital in 2007 to better reflect the fund's focus and reach. Novitas is Latin for:'

  • "New" — having recently come into existence
  • "Original" — of fresh initiative or fresh capacity
  • "Novel" — not resembling something formerly known or used